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Virus Q? Ju duhet të fshini [emri i antivirusit] për siguri të sistemit.

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Vërejtje: Nëse nuk e fshini [emri i virusi za kompijuter, shpejtësia e kompjuterit tuaj do të ngadalësohet drastikisht. Symantec ka paraqitur virusi za kompijuter se si mund të fshini virusin në forumin e tyre. The virus tries to delete the address fool your antivirusin from your personal computer.

In a statement released today, Symantec says that "AnVi Antivirus" is mislead users have problem with their legitimate antivirusin forces to delete it.

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The virus presents this message: "Non certified Antivirusi is detected on your computer. Virusi za kompijuter should delete [name antivirusit] security system. Note: If virusi za kompijuter do not delete [name of program], the speed of your computer virusi za kompijuter slow down drastically.

Click "OK" to delete virusi za kompijuter name] " Regardless if you click the button or not, the virus will start deleting your antivirusit computer. Once your legitimate antivirusi deleted, the virus connects to a web page and start downloading anti-virus false, which will then be cause much trouble.

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Anti-virus tries to be false then convince your system is ready to explode from the large amount of "malware" virusi za kompijuter you have, which are lies. Then, you require money to fix them problem.

This virus is specially designed by cybercriminals and hackers to deceive innocent computer users. Once this virus infected, victim will find problem related to the installation of anti-malware tools and internet issues. This malware also damage to boot your operating system even in safe mode, safe mode with networking or safe mode with command prompt. After that they will give you code within next 12 hours otherwise chance of unlocking computer will terminated.

Symantec has shown the way how to delete virus in their forum.