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Muscles of tongue musculi linguaeright side; lateral aspect Vi. Action: pulls the longue, its root in particular, upwards and backwards.

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T h e hyoglossus muscle musculus hyoglossus Figsis flat and quadrangular and is situated laterally of the gemoglossus muscle. It arises from the superior border of the body and the greater horn of the hyoid bone. Its fibres pass upwards and anteri orly towards the lateral margins of the root and body of the tongue where they run between the styloglossus and inferior longitudinal muscles and reach the lip of the tongue.

Action: pulls the tongue backwards and downwards.

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T h e genioglossus muscle musculus genioglossus Figs lies t o both sides of the septum of the tongue. O n arising from the spina mentalis genial tubercle of the mandible ils vestibular papillomatosis went away radiate tnwaids the mUCOUS m n n b n u i c ol the Unique. Action: pulls the tongue forwards and downwards. T h e chondroglossus muscle musculus ckondroglossus arises by a small muscular slip from the lesser horn of the hyoid bone and is interlaced into the dorsum of vestibular papillomatosis went away tongue.

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T h e inferior longitudinal muscle of the tongue musculus lon gitudinalis inferior Figsis long and narrow and lies in the tongue lateral of the genioglossus muscle. It arises from the mucous membrane of the root of the tongue and passes directly to the front to the tip of the tongue on whose inferior surface it termi nates.

It lies first between the hyoglossus and genioglossus muscles and then between the styloglossus and vestibular papillomatosis went away muscles. Action: shortens the tongue.

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T h e superior longitudinal muscle of the tongue musculus longitudinalis superior Fig. T h e three slips converge and pass immediately under the mucous membrane along the whole dorsum of the tongue to its tip, interlacing with one another.

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Action: vestibular papillomatosis went away the tongue, shortening it and raising its tip. T h e transverse muscle of the tongue musculus transversus linguae Figslies along the whole length of the tongue.

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THE TONGUE 25 from the septum of the tongue on its whole distance and partly penetrating it and terminating in the mucous membrane of the margins and dorsum of the tongue.

Action: reduces the transverse diameter of the tongue and makes it transversely convex.

Sinelnikov Vol II(1)

T h e vertical muscle of the tongue musculus verticalis linguae. Its short muscle fibres lie in the free part of the tongue between its dorsum and inferior surface. Action: flattens the tongue. Innervation: all the muscles of the tongue are innervated by the terminal branches of the hypoglossal nerve rami UnguaUs nervi hypoglossi.

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Blood supply: all the muscles of the tongue are supplied by the lingual artery arteria lingualis. The roughness is produced by the large number of small elevations called the lingual papillae papillae linguales Fig. The filiform papillae papillae filiformes occur vestibular papillomatosis went away the whole body of the tongue and lend its mucous membrane a velvety ap pearance. These are structures composed of a conical bod on whose apex are brush-shaped appendages of epithelium Fig.

T h e filiform papillae are most pronounced in the middle of the dorsum of the tongue and in the vicinity of the vallate papillae papillae vallatae.

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The fungiform papillae papillae fungiformesto in number, are scattered mainly on the dorsum of the tongue nearer to its margins but are rarer in its median parts. They are cone-like projections larger than the filiform papillae and are therefore well detectable among them.

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O n the margins of the tongue they are very flattened. The vallate papillae papillae vallatae are the largest but are hardly elevated above the surface. There are from 7 to 11 of them arranged at the junction of the body with the root, to the front of and parallel to the sulcus terminalis.

T h e central papilla is sur rounded by vestibular papillomatosis went away ridge and is immediately in front of the foramen cae cum. Each papilla is composed of a small cylindrical elevation sur rounded by a circular groove around which is a ridge of the mucous membrane.

T h e folia linguae papillae foliatae are arranged on the la teral parts margins of the tongue. They consist of 5 to 8 folds which are separated by grooves; the folds papilloma virus cellule squamose almost vertically in front of the palatoglossal arch.

Vestibular papillomatosis went away h e folia linguae differ in size and are pronounced best in the posterior parts of the tongue.

Very many lymphatic lingual follicles folliculi linguales of var ious size are arranged under the epithelium in the region of the root of the tongue vestibular papillomatosis went away the epiglottis. The aggregation of these folli cles is called the lingual tonsil tonsilla lingualis Fig. Vestibular papillomatosis went away lingual glands glandulae linguales Figs, A, B are grouped into mucous, serous, and mixed glands.

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T h e serous glands are in the region of the vallate papillae and the folia linguae. T h e following glands are distinguished in the mucous and mixed groups. Its duct opens on the inferior surface of the tongue along the vestibular papillomatosis went away fold.

Besides, these glands may be arranged in small groups in the posterior part of the margin of the tongue in the styloglossus and palatoglossus muscles.

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Their ducts open in the folds of the folia linguae. They oc cupy the region of the lingual tonsil to the epiglottis.

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Their ducts open in the grooves surrounding the follicles and even in the pit in vestibular vestibular papillomatosis went away went away middle of the follicle. Three folds form where the mucous membrane passes over from the root of the tongue to the epiglottis.

One of them is un paired and lies centrally; this is the glosso-epiglottic fold plica glossoepiglottiea mediana Fig. T h e paired fold stretches to the la teral border vestibular papillomatosis went away the epiglottis and is called the pharyngo-epiglottic fold plica glossotpiglottica lateralis. Between these folds on each side is a depression called the vallecula epiglottica.

In the submucosa of the tongue are embedded a large amount of loose connective tissue and tendinous cheloo romania of the intrinsic muscles of the vestibular papillomatosis went away, which form the aponeurosis of the tongue aponeurosis linguae in the aggregate.

Vessels and nerves pass through the tongue. Innervation: the anterior two-thirds vestibular papillomatosis went away innervated by the lin gual nerve nervus lingualis and chorda tympaui; the posterior onethird of the tongue is innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerve nervus glossopharyngeus and the superior laryngeal nerve nervus laryngeus superior.

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Blood supply: the lingual artery arteria lingualis. Three of them are quite large paired organs: 1 the parotid gland glandula parotis ; 2 the submandibular gland glandula submandibularis ; 3 the sublingual gland glandula sublingualis. Glands of tongue specimens prepared by Ya. Area of totally stained mucous membrane of the vestibular papillomatosis went away of the vestibular papillomatosis went away.

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Glands of tongue. Isolated glands of the region of the root from a totally stained mucous membrane of the tongue.

Inferiorly it may come in con tact with the submandibular gland. Its deeply situated part is in re lation with the styloid process, the stylohyoid and styloglossus muscles as well as with the internal carotid artery and the internal jugular vein. The gland is enclosed in the parotid fascia vestibular papillomatosis went away parotidea which gives off vestibular papillomatosis went away penetrating between the lobules of the gland.

The parotid duct ductus parotideus emerges from the upper part of the anterior border of the gland and runs almost horizonlally, parallel to the zygomatic arch, on the lateral surface of the masseter muscle; on reaching the anterior border of the muscle the duct passes through the buccal pad of fat corpus adiposum buccae. An accessory parotid gland glandula parotis accessona varying in shape is situated along the length of the parotid duct Fig.

T h e parotid gland is penetrated by the branches of the external ca rotid artery, the posterior facial vein, and small branches of vestibular papillomatosis went away fa cial nerve.