Rectal cancer with lymph node involvement.

Author information: 1 Universitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie Gr.

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Spiridon Iaşi. Most often colorectal carcinoma occurs single; synchronous multiple carcinomas usually develop at widely disparate sites.

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We report the case of a year-old male, accusing rectal bleeding, disturbances in bowel transit and weight loss. The rectoscopy examination revealed a fungating, bleeding tumor located 5 cm from anal verge.

rectal cancer with lymph node involvement

Pathological diagnostic of the endo-biopsy was ulcerated moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma. Patient underwent surgical amputation of the rectum with lymphadenectomy.

rectal cancer with lymph node involvement

Microscopical examination of the surgical specimens confirmed the presence of the adenocarcinoma adjacent to a squamous cell carcinoma, moderate differentiated, with reduced keratinization, infiltrative. Also, 2 from the 7 lymph nodes presented squamous cell carcinoma metastases.

rectal cancer with lymph node involvement

The most important differential diagnostic is a rectal adenosquamous carcinoma. Prognostic depends on stage of the disease, generally being worse than of the corresponding adenocarcinoma, and can be improved by radio- and chemotherapy.

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