Peritoneal cancer fundraiser

Fundraiser has ended About Loreta Elena is a mother of two little boys. A wife. And an amazing friend.

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Loreta Elena este mama a doi baieti mici. Este sotie. Si o buna prietena. In peritoneal cancer fundraiser moment se lupta cu un cancer ovarian si peritoneal care o indeparteaza, din ce in ce mai mult, de cei doi copii. Din pacate, cancerul nu apare in viata unui om batand la usa.

O şansă la viață! Ajutați-mă vă rog, să-mi prelungesc viața!

Cancerul nu intreaba cand are permisiune sa poposeasca. Apare pe nevazute si se instaleaza treptat pana cand sansele de supravietuire scad la minimum.

Timpul se scurge si fiecare zi devine din ce in ce mai pretioasa.

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Chiar daca nu promite mult, o operatie este posibila si poate fi o peritoneal cancer fundraiser. O sansa la viata a unui om ca noi.

Pseudomyxoma peritonei of appendiceal origin. Annals of Fundeni HospitalPancreatectomia distală cu prezervarea splinei. Chirurgia, vol 98 nr. Ionescu, T.

Si avem nevoie de ajutor. Am creat aceasta pagina pentru ca ne pasa. Pentru ca peritoneal cancer fundraiser putem incerca sa salvam o viata.

Very Important Video For Peritoneal Carcinomatosis

Si putem sa le oferim unor copii minori bucuria de a-si petrece copilaria indrumati de cea care le-a dat viata. In lupta dintre viata si moarte fiecare euro conteaza! Va multumim pentru orice contributie si va tinem la curent cu situatia Loretei.

peritoneal cancer fundraiser

Loreta Elena is the mother of two little boys. She's a wife.

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And a good friend. At This moment she is struggling with an ovarian and peritoneal cancer that further removes her from the two children. Unfortunately, cancer does not appear in a man's life by knocking on the door. Cancer doesn't peritoneal cancer fundraiser when peritoneal cancer fundraiser has peritoneal cancer fundraiser to fail.

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It appears unseen and gradually sets up until the chances of survival decrease to a minimum. Time is running out and every day becomes more and more precious.

Even if it doesn't promise much, surgery is possible and it can be a chance.

peritoneal cancer fundraiser cancer pulmonar femei

A chance at life peritoneal cancer fundraiser a man like us. And we need help.

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We created this page because we care. Because together we can try to save a life.


And we can give young children the joy of spending their childhood away from the one who gave them life. In the fight between life and death, every euro counts!

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Thank you for any contribution and keep you updated on the situation.