Papillary thyroid cancer usmle

A cytologist must understand the clinical presentation of thyroid diseases, their defining histopathologic and cytopathologic features, and even the intricacies of patient management.

papillary thyroid cancer usmle

Clark and Faquin have papillary thyroid cancer usmle a valuable framework for cytologists learning and continuing to learn this exacting discipline. Org- ized around a practical algorithm, the authors lay out a rational and concise approach toward acquiring the necessary skills for the cytologic diagnosis of thyroid nodules.

The first edition, published inwas a very welcome addition to the cytology literature. Papillary thyroid cancer usmle new edition, with updated terminology for reporting thyroid FNA papillary thyroid cancer usmle, builds on the success of their approach.

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Why are we examining such challenging specimens? Clearly, the clinical need is there.

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Surgical excision of all nodules is certainly neither practical nor desirable. Enter FNA, a minimally invasive cellular sampling method that has proven to be a highly useful screening test for thyroid cancer.

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Because of it, thousands of patients with a benign diagnosis are spared unnecessary surgery every year, and those with cancer are reliably triaged for appropriate therapy.