Papillary thyroid cancer stage 4

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For over 50 years the casuistic of patients with thyroid cancer registered in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the National Institute of Endocrinology in Bucharest, Romania, has over 12 cases.

In the last 6 years, a total of new cases have been added.

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They are organized in a ‘classic file’ format. As a necessity and the first step in order to build a digital national database, we developed papillary thyroid cancer stage 4 BIOMAT-ENDO software as a Windows Forms application that stores all the main data regarding the patient hospitalized in the department, starting with the first hospitalization, continuing with all the periods of radioiodine therapy and the follow up.

Sinonimele și antonimele papillary în dicționarul de sinonime Engleză

The patient-monitoring MODULE contains: clinical parameters, surgery details, in vivo and in vitro investigations, therapy information. Correlations can be done between any input data.

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We present preliminary results on cases of patients with papillary thyroid cancer stage 4 cancer digitalized during one year in this database. We used the Structured Query Language in order to verify the functionality of the system, the correctness of the existing data and for some preliminary statistics.

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