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Epub Aug 6. For anyone doubting that vaccine population and fertility controls are in the works—and have been for quite some time—the above articles ought hpv gardasil package insert demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only are they ongoing, but possibly even being implemented. Why do I make such a statement?

While the drop in teen births in the U. According to this Guttmacher Institute reportteenage girls in the U.

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One has to wonder especially in view of all the published literature on the subject plus teenage pregnancy reduction demographics cited. Are teens really less sexually active? What do you think? Furthermore, I think the U.

hpv gardasil package insert

How do they plan on getting rid of the excess population? A possible man-made ecological catastrophe? Poisoned air chemtrailsfood GMOs and glyphosatesand water fluoride and chloramine [10]?

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Who knows what happens to disable the human immune system when all those toxic chemicals combine and work synergistically after vaccines toxins are injected? High school and college chemistry should start kicking in for hpv gardasil package insert readers by now. Does it boil down to the fact that those in the know—and obviously in control—are part and parcel of the global population reduction plan?

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One would hpv gardasil package insert that religions would be above that fray!