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A little over a year later, December 8,Robert Jay Mathews was burned to death by a secret police task force on Whidbey Island, Washington. From the mist shrouded forest valleys and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I bring how to keep hpv virus dormant a message of solidarity, a call to action and a DEMAND for adherence how to keep hpv virus dormant duty as members of the vanguard of an Aryan resurgence and ultimately total Aryan victory.

The signs of awakening are sprouting up across the Northwest and no more so than amongst the two-fisted farmers and ranchers — a class of our people who have been hit especially hard by the filthy lying Jews and their parasitical usury system.

From the beginning of this Nation to the present, the yeoman farmer has been a symbol of the Aryan work ethic and living monument to masculinity. Unfortunately, comrades, that poem glorifies a fratricidal conflict.

A call to arms : A speech by Bob Mathews - Club Acacia

The tillers of the soil have always been something of a bilateral laryngeal papillomatosis to the Jews.

Cities corrupt. Cities corrupt while the soil, the valley, the field, the farm — they revitalize and replenish a weakened and drained mind and body. How the weasely little city dwelling Jew fears and suspicions the Aryan farmer. What a contrast!

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What a contrast in mind and body between the two! I think that deep within the breast of our Aryan yeomanry lies a long-dormant seed.

The seed of a racial awakening. The seed of resurgence, the seed of anger, and the seed of the will to act. We must bring as many of them as possible into our vanguard for victory.

The task is not going to be easy. TV satellite dishes are springing up like poisonous mushrooms across the domain how to keep hpv virus dormant the tillers of the soil. The electronic Jew is slithering into the living rooms of even the most remote farms and ranches. The race-destroying domes are everywhere.

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Allied with the Jews in their attempt to neutralize the Aryan farmer is the ever present local rural pastor or minister. My personal experience has shown that usually the only organized opposition we will encounter when organizing in a farming or ranching community is from some local pastor.

However, the how to keep hpv virus dormant that the churches have upon rural America is fast eroding. That stranglehold is fast how to keep hpv virus dormant because the average American farmer and rancher is in extreme financial difficulty. When a man is on the verge of losing his second generation farm, his livelihood, in essence, his whole life, due mostly to the Jew usury system, he finds little solace in theological baggage from the Levin.

The potential is there. I was talking to a young lady recently who works as a waitress in a large truck stop at Rock How to keep hpv virus dormant, Wyoming. She said they are all gone within a few days with many of the truckers either joining on the spot or subscribing to the newsletter.

The regime in Washington, D.

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So much the better. Sixty miles south of Spokane, Washington, along the Idaho border is a farming area we refer to as the Palouse. In many places the Palouse has topsoil that is an incredible 18 feet deep. Along with wonderful soil the Palouse has a very favorable growing climate. Even so, comrades, many farmers in the Palouse are being foreclosed upon.

I have met and talked with one of these unfortunate farmers, a kinsman by the name of Ray Smith. Smith was recently planning to retire and let his son take over the farm.

Smith, to his credit, took a long good look at his problem and how he arrived at so sorry a state. Now take heart, kinsmen, for what did Mr. Smith say when he came to the root cause of his problem?

By sending a plane, a helicopter, a bulldozer, SWAT teams from all over the state of Washington, and sixty very heavily armed deputies to the foreclosure on Mr. Needless to say, Mr.

Smith also travels all over the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho speaking out about the Jews and handing out copies of the Protocols of Zion. We need this how to keep hpv virus dormant in the Alliance. Radicalization of the American farm movement is also taking place in the Dakotas and Colorado. Several years ago this gentleman distributed huge amounts of WRAs and other literature to farmers and ranchers around Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Feds are extremely panicked about this outfit. In this issue here, is a full page advertisement for a very anti-Jewish, pro-White racialist organization.

The Jews are coming down hard on this brave little newspaper like chickens on a june bug and it appears that it might eventually fold-up but the seeds have been sown.

So, comrades, I have briefly informed you of the potential for our movement which lies within the farming communities across this nation.

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We must — it is our duty to — take advantage of the ever increasing radicalization of the American farmer. The fate of every last white man, woman, and child on this planet lies squarely on the shoulders of us here in this room today. Out of all of the White racialist organizations in this Nation, the Alliance and only the Alliance has the potential to bring us to victory. Through the Alliance lies the salvation for our entire race — we can not fail.

Therefore, let us not only preach, let us live racial economics. In Metaline Falls we are not how to keep hpv virus dormant eating, intraductal papilloma ducts, and sleeping; we are growing together as one mind and one body. We have broken the chains of Jewish thought. Ten hearts, one beat. One hundred hearts, one beat. Ten thousand hearts, one beat. We are born to fight and to die and to continue the flow — the flow of our people.

Onward we will go, onward to the stars high above the mud, the mud of yellow, black, and brown. So kinsmen, duty calls. The future how to keep hpv virus dormant now. If a month from now, you have not yet fully committed yourself to the Alliance and the responsibilities thereof, then you have, in effect, not only betrayed your race, you have betrayed yourself.

So stand up like men! Stand up like men! Kinsmen arise! Look toward the stars and proclaim our destiny. Victory forever!