Hepatic cancer pain,

FudaNews event On Nov.

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Sirin Rongsong, Mr. Then Niu Lizhi, President of Fuda Cancer Hospital, delivered a speech about the development, technical advantages and great achievements of Fuda hepatic cancer pain international medical stage.

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After speech, he had a cordial conversation with the patients who had been treated in Fuda, and offered consultation to the patients who presented at the ceremony. Li Feng, head of overseas market in Fuda, reviewed the relationship between Fuda and Thai patients and he hoped to work with people from all walks of life in Thailand to help more Thai patients in need.

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Gratitude to all the guests and customers who participated in the opening ceremony and it is your support and trust that enable Fuda to better serve more patients. Fuda is a specialized cancer hospital.

hepatic cancer pain

Since its establishment 16 years ago, it has brought advanced modern technology to treat cancer patients hepatic cancer pain created minimally invasive anti-cancer technologies. To date, Fuda has served cancer patients from more than countries and regions by cryosurgery, nano-knife ablation irreversible electroporationand local chemotherapy.

hepatic cancer pain

Now, more and more Thai patients are receiving treatment in Hepatic cancer pain. In the future, Bangkok Service Center will provide quality services for every patient wholeheartedly.

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