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Prof Kashfi said: 'At 72 hours colorectal cancer jokes is abouttimes more potent in an in-vitro cell culture against human colon cancer. So you need a lower amount to get the same result. One part of the hybrid aspirin releases nitric oxide NOwhich helps protect the stomach lining.

colorectal cancer jokes

This means a drug based on this hybrid would require lower doses to be effective, minimising or potentially eliminating its side effects. In the second study, when mice colorectal cancer jokes human colon cancer tumors on their flanks were given oral NOSH-aspirin, the compound caused colorectal colorectal cancer jokes jokes cells to self-destruct, inhibited the proliferation of the cells and significantly reduced tumor growth without any signs of toxicity in the mice.

In the paper for the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Prof Kashfi noted the drug is still some years from going on the shelves but toxicity testing and clinical trials would be the next step for developing the drug for human use. Dr Kashfi and his colleagues will present these findings at the annual meeting of the American Colorectal cancer jokes for Cancer Research in Chicago at the end of the month.

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