Bacterie yaourt

Este utilă această traducere? Adaugă la favorite! Bacterie yaourt cuvântului "yogurt": 1. Semisolid, fermented, often flavoured milk food.

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Yogurt is known and consumed in almost all parts of the world. It bacterie yaourt traditionally made by adding common strains of Streptococcus and Lactobacillus bacteria bacterie yaourt raw milk.

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The culture is produced by taking bacterie yaourt portion of bacterie yaourt previous batch. In modern commercial yogurt making, a blend of concentrated sterilized milk and milk solids is inoculated with the bacterie yaourt bacteria; sometimes L.

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Bacterie yaourt product is then incubated four or five hours at — °F 43—44 °C until bacterie yaourt forms. Various flavours and sweetening may be added. Yogurt may be made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats or water buffalo.

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Cow's milk is used bacterie bacterie yaourt the United States and north-central Europe; sheep's and goat's bacterie yaourt are preferred in Turkey and southeastern Europe; milk from the water buffalo is most commonly used in Egypt and India. Yogurt may have originated in Turkey, although there are many stories about its discovery.

It is made in Turkish homes by boiling milk in an uncovered pan to sterilize it and to evaporate water; after bacterie yaourt, the milk is inoculated with yogurt from a previous batch, incubated bacterie yaourt few hours, then slowly cooled to room temperature before use.

Commercial dairies usually add milk solids to cow's milk to make yogurt with a custardlike consistency. Concentrated sterilized milk is inoculated with Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus; sometimes L. This inoculated milk is then incubated four or five bacterie yaourt at about 43 to 44 C to Bacterie yaourt until curd forms.

bacterie yaourt

Bacterie yaourt flavours and sweetening may be added or natural yogurt may be bacterie yaourt with fresh fruits or vegetables. A salad of yogurt, cucumbers and spices is served in India raita and several Middle Eastern countries jajik. Yogurt is also used in soups and sauces.

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A common dish made of milk curdled and fermented with a culture of Lactobacillus the milk bacillus. The word was acquired in the s from Bacterie yaourt. It can be bacterie yaourt myriad ways including yogurt, yoghurt, yaghourt, yooghurt, yughard, and yaourt.

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The most popular spellings in the Anglo-Saxon world are yogurt and yoghurt while in France one eats yaourt. Te rugăm sa votezi definiţia cuvântului "yogurt" care este cea mai utilă pentru tine. Dicţionarul conţine următoarele traduceri în irlandeză pentru "yogurt": Engleză.