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Now imagine our tourist arrivals boom because of that. Yes, you read that right. All anthelmintic drugs philippines horrible things you've heard and read about Cannabis were lies.

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Imagine that. Imagine our farmers given a choice to plant Cannabis. Imagine no pesticides. No more being jailed for raising a plant that God has given and man has greedily taken away. Imagine our bright young scientists staying home not flying the coop for better income to study the herb and find out anthelmintic drugs philippines its wonderful uses.

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Now anthelmintic drugs philippines all the multinational corporations waiting in line to shovel in money for those studies, knowing full well that they can make anthelmintic drugs philippines from all of Marijuana's countless uses. Imagine the sick people of the world coming to the Philippines to be treated anthelmintic drugs philippines healed anthelmintic drugs philippines this miracle plant.

That isn't very hard to imagine, hempseed would be very abundant due to its rate of growth, and would be a great alternative food due to it having one of the highest nutrient and amino acid contents in the plant kingdom.

Imagine the anthelmintic drugs philippines mountainsides being secured against landslides by planting Cannabis whose roots grow straight down, thereby securing the soil against erosion within 4 months. Now imagine all anthelmintic drugs philippines lives that would have been saved in Ormoc, and countless other landslide affected areas.

Imagine us becoming the Cannabis Furniture Capital of the World, with all our great and world-renowned furniture companies incorporating the material into their designs. Imagine the demand for such unique furniture worldwide! Imagine permanent, affordable, and durable housing for our poorer citizens, since Cannabis is one of the best building materials in the world. We can forget about pollution then, since the emissions of a car running on Cannabis Fuel is like that of cooking french fries or burgers, because its chemical makeup is basically that of Cannabis Cooking oil.

Imagine an oil spill consisting of Cannabis Oil. Not nearly as terrible as the gunk we dump all over our planet. In this day and age of wars for oil, this Cannabis product cannot be stressed enough.

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All that and many, many more uses and ideas that I'm sure all of you can come up with, if only we once again make this wonderful plant legal. It was not made illegal because it was dangerous.

It was made illegal because of all the products that could easily and cheaply be made from it. Industries wanting to keep it illegal as it would greatly affect their profits.

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Again it is us, the common people who will have to suffer for this most heinous of crimes. Cannabis was here before we were. Cannabis is here to stay. Cannabis will be here long after humans have destroyed themselves. We can use this to our advantage. Let us not throw this opportunity away. The only anthelmintic drugs philippines Cannabis wants in return is for us to clear its wrongfully tarnished name