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These standards are supported by continuous training programs, both in Romania and abroad. All you have to do is call 40 88to make an appointment for wart treatment london drugs medical services you need and thus gain the time wasted wart treatment london drugs the waiting rooms. Services Reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund Laurus Medical Bucharest has concluded an agreement with the Bucharest City Health Insurance Fund for the provision of day care services in the following specialties: internal medicine, dermatology and venerology, gastroenterology, urology.

wart treatment london drugs

The service packages contracted with the Health Insurance Fund are available hereand the rates charged for the non-reimbursed services here. The admission criteria are available herethe admission requirements are available hereand the hospital release requirements may be viewed here.

The Greek world propolis means also to glue and describes also the role of propolis to cement openings of the bee hive.

Appointments can be made wart treatment london drugs phone, Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, on Saturday between 8am and 1pm, at the phone number 40 88and communication may be sent to the email address office laurusmedical. In order to assess the wart treatment london drugs services reimbursed by the Health Insurance Fund, the satisfaction survey is available.

Medical Specialties Haemorrhoid and Anal Fissure Treatment Rubber-band ligation and IR photothermal coagulation, the golden standard in the treatment of the haemorrhoidal disease. The procedure is provided as outpatient care, it does not require a medical leave or the interruption of daily activities.

Phlebology Endovenous laser therapy with radial ° fibre optic, the state-of-the-art laser treatment Because it acts inside the vein, under wart treatment london drugs control, it leaves no scars and causes no post-intervention pain, patients being able to leave the clinic without needing anyone to accompany them.

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Laurus Medical holds the only laser available wart treatment london drugs a national level offering these modern features. UGFS Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy The treatment also is efficient in the case of larger veins and venous ulcer, it is provided as outpatient care, does not require anaesthesia, and the patients may resume their daily activities.

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It is the most efficient and safest treatment alternative for the unaesthetic veins broken blood vessels, swollen blood vessels, spider veins, telangiectaseswhile also providing superior results.

Modern procedures are less intrusive, they leave no scars, while providing long-term aesthetic and functional results.

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We are the only medical network in the country that provides this type of treatment.