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Beauty is a state of interior comfort and a harmonious appearance.

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Empathy Empathy — we want you to feel good and have the results you want. Quality Quality - the services that we offer you are at the highest level.

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The clinic meets the European standards, an ultramodern operating room equipped with a sterile air ventilation system. Attention Attention — we offer you all our attention and will make you feel at home.

Optimism Optimism - we know wart eyelid treatment important it is to think positively, and we are the people who are doing this and we help cancer maduva osoasa regain your self-confidence. Protection Protection - with us you are protected, wart eyelid treatment and find always an individual solution for your problem. Commitment Commitment - we commit ourselves to be with you during the recovery process and to help you to wart eyelid treatment more easily the discomfort caused by intervention.

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Patience Patience — medical recovery is a process wart eyelid treatment requires patience and confidence that all efforts we make together are worth it. Wart eyelid treatment Care - we will treat you delicately, we will take care of you both during and after discharge.

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Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Polyvalent Clinic of Beauty that provides consultation and assistance services in the domain of plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, dermato-cosmetology, phlebology, endocrinology, allergology, orthopaedics, vertebrology, anaesthesiology and intensive wart eyelid treatment, has in-patient department with 5 beds.