Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in babies,

The aortic coarctation CoA is the most frequently omitted ductal-dependent cardiac deffect on neonatal screening and also one of the most difficult diagnosis to establish before birth.

recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in babies

So, it is absolutely necessary to make the cardiac screening for every newborn before discharging. It consists of preand postductal pulsoximetry and measuring the blood pressure to all four limbs. Also, it is necessary to recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in babies this diagnosis by the fetal cardiologist in all cases of CoA suspected and the pregnant women to be oriented for delivery in a specialized centre in cardiac intensive neonatal care.

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However, the prenatal screening registers a high rate of fals-positive and false-negative results. Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in babies prenatal diagnosis improves and reduces the morbidity by allowing recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in babies plan the delivery in a tertiary center and to establish the treatment with PGE to prevent the constriction of arterial duct.

The newborn is treated with PGE medication from the first hour of life.

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The treatment with PGE was slowly interrupted and the neonatal evolution was favorable.