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Apasă pentru a vedea definiția originală «cancer» în dicționarul Franceză dictionary. Apasă pentru a vedea traducerea automată a definiției în Română. Aceste celule sunt toate derivate din aceeași clonă, celula de inițiere a cancerului, care a dobândit anumite caracteristici care îi permit să se împartă pe o perioadă nedeterminată. În cursul bolii, unele celule pot migra de la locul lor de producție și formează metastaze. Din aceste rectal cancer kanker motive, depistarea cancerului ar trebui să fie cât mai curând posibil.

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Traducerea «cancer» în 25 de limbi

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Chimioterapia in Cancerul Colorectal

Takahari, et al. People presenting with symptoms suggesting colorectal cancer are referred to the designated colorectal diagnostic service within 1 day of the decision to refer.

People with suspected colorectal cancer without major comorbidity are offered colonoscopy to confirm the diagnosis, or CT colonography only if colonoscopy is difficult rectal cancer kanker unsafe. People with colorectal cancer are offered contrast-enhanced CT of the chest, abdomen rectal cancer kanker pelvis to determine the stage of the disease, and those with rectal cancer are additionally offered MRI to assess the risk of local recurrence.

People with rectal cancer kanker cancer are offered a preoperative treatment strategy appropriate to their risk of local disease recurrence.

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People with acute left-sided large bowel obstruction confirmed by CT are offered a colonic stent, if clinically appropriate, inserted within 24 hours by anendoscopist or radiologist experienced in using colonic stents, in consultation with the colorectal surgeon. People with locally excised, pathologically confirmed stage I colorectal cancer whose tumour had involved resection margins less than 1 mm are offered further treatment by the colorectal cancer multidisciplinary team.

People with stage I rectal cancer are offered advice and options for further rectal cancer kanker from rectal cancer kanker early rectal cancer multidisciplinary team.

People with resectable colorectal cancer are offered laparoscopic surgery as an alternative to open resection if suitable, performed by surgeons competent in this technique.

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People with a CT scan suggesting liver metastatic colorectal cancer are referred to the hepatobiliary multidisciplinary team to decide whether further rectal cancer kanker is needed to confirm rectal cancer kanker for rectal cancer kanker or other interventions.

People with advanced and rectal cancer kanker colorectal cancer whose disease progresses after first-line chemotherapy are offered second-line chemotherapy if they are able to tolerate it.

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People free from disease after treatment for colorectal cancer are offered regular surveillance. People treated for colorectal cancer and their families or carers are offered specific information on managing the effects of the treatment on bowel rectal cancer kanker. ESMO Consensus proposals for selection of 1st line regimen by patient group.

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