Papillary thyroid cancer weight gain.

Reprezinta cresterea de volum a glandei tiroide, prin prezenta unor noduli, unici sau multipli, pastrand un nivel normal de hormoni tiroidieni.

Suh - extremely satisfied: I am a 31 year old female and noticed a lump on the right side of my neck last spring. I found out that is was a nodule on my thyroid and had to be removed.

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I was very concerned about having a scar on my neck, since I am so young and I have a long skinny neck, therefore I researched alternate types of surgery. I decided upon Dr.

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Suh and the BABA surgery. This surgery entails four incisions be Although it sounded a bit intense and scary, I was immediately reassured by Dr.

Suh's expertise in this surgery and his professionalism and caring nature.

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He really took the time to speak to my husband and me about how the surgery is carried out, and was very understanding of my concerns. I read a few testimonials about this type of surgery, and it seemed like the best approach for me since I papillary thyroid cancer weight gain to avoid a scar on my neck. The surgery took about 3 hours since the nodule was very far up in my neck. I took two weeks off of work to fully recovery.

papillary thyroid cancer weight gain

The first few days of recovery were uncomfortable because the bra you have to wear is extremely tight. But as soon as I could take it off I felt much better.

I was stiff for papillary thyroid cancer weight gain week, but slowly got my movement back and was able to play shuffleboard during week two!

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That requires a lot of arm movement I felt completely comfortable to do yoga and run after one month. The glue on my scars came off during week three.

Surgical Removal of the Thyroid Gland

It was very papillary thyroid cancer weight gain to see the scars, but at my three month post op, they were looking much better. It has now been 8 months since my surgery, and the scars on my nipples have completely faded, and papillary thyroid cancer weight gain is just a very slight mark under my armpits. I continue to put on vitamin E about papillary thyroid cancer weight gain a week on my scars to help the healing.

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I am extremely happy about the outcome of my surgery, and do not regret for a second doing this type of surgery. Suh is an extremely talented surgeon and the leading expert in this type of surgery and did an absolutely remarkable job.

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I was very worried about the scarring, but as I said, I can papillary thyroid cancer weight gain even notice the scars now. Simptome cancer febra and his team were extremely caring and supportive throughout the whole process.

The nurses at Mount Sinai were the kindest I've ever experienced in a papillary thyroid cancer weight gain.

papillary thyroid cancer weight gain

I am truly amazed with the outcome of this surgery and would highly recommend this type of surgery to anyone looking to avoid scarring on the papillary thyroid cancer weight gain.

Thanks again to Dr.

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Suh and his team! They truly work wonders and I will be ever grateful!

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