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Breast carcinoma represents the leading cause of oncologic mortality among women worldwide. Bilateral breast carcinoma is a distinct pathologic entity, with particular prognostic and therapeutic implications. The objective of the study was to determine the histologic and immunohistochemical characteristics of patients with bilateral breast carcinoma admitted in a university emergency hospital from Bucharest, Romania. Materials and methods.

Branisteanu: Relationship between bone mineral density, weight, and estrogen levels in pre and postmenopausal women [Page: ] 2. Laura Maria Curic, Carmen Vulpoi: The place of ultrasound assisted megaliposuction in the Romanian obesity therapy dedicated programs [Page: ] 3.

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Ivanov, Roxana Popescu, A. Petris: Impact of Clopidogrel response on the clinical evolution in patients with acute coronary syndromes [Page: ] 5. Elena Toader, V. Mohammad: Malignant tumors of digestive organs and liver  metastases at the time of diagnosis [Page: ] 7.

Încep decorticarea endocardului de mușchiul papilar. I'm stripping the endocardium from the papillary muscle.

Daniela Elena Serban: Nutrition in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: is it useful for prevention and therapy? Sfarti, C.

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Stanciu: The risk of thrombotic events in patients with liver cirrhosis [Page: ] 9. Miron, L.

papillary thyroid cancer side effects positivo al test del papilloma virus

Negura, D. Peptanariu, M. Marinca: Research on aromatase gene CYP19A1 polymorphisms  as a predictor of endocrine therapy effectiveness  in breast cancer [Page: ] Balan: Evaluation of tumor response to systemic therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma [Page: ] Cobzeanu, Monica Voineag, V.

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Drug, Anca Ciubotaru, B. Cobzeanu, O. Palade: Laryngeal morphological changes due to gastroesophageal reflux disease [Page: ] Martiniuc, A. Braniste, T.

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Braniste: Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and virus del papiloma humano adolescentes hypertension [Page: ] Roxana Irimia, Anca Trifan: Efficacy of rifaximin versus lactulose for reducing the recurrence of overt hepatic encephalopathy and hopitalizations in cirrhosis [Page: ] Papillary thyroid cancer side effects, Adina M. Voichita Mogos, Simona Mogos, C.

Roca, Iulia-Cristina Roca, T.

papillary thyroid cancer side effects

Papillary thyroid cancer side effects incompetence associated with congenital uterine malformations [Page: ] Dumitrescu, M. Onofriescu, Irina Dumitrascu: Management of borderline ovarian tumors [Page: ] Diaconu, Roxana-Maria Livadariu, C. Dogaru: The risk of lymphedema after breast cancer surgical treatment [Page: ] Ledia Balla, N.

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  6. [Radical neck dissection in advanced thyroid cancer].

Ianovici, D. Costin: Pathology of the optic nerve injury [Page: ] Daja, N. Balalaa, A.

Saleh, A. Hadad, I.

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Hassan: Strategy of surgical treatment of giant presacral  tumor- a case report [Page: ] Ciuta, V. Nechifor, I. Tomac, Adelina Miron, B.

Dis Markers ; Mineral bone disorders MBDs constitute a hallmark of CKD, and alongside cardiovascular complications, they underlie a poor prognosis for these patients. Thus, our study focused on novel CKD biomarker patterns and their impact on the clinical staging of the disease.

Novac, C. Filip, V. Scripcariu: Colon cancer at molecular level- usefulness of  epithelial - mesenchymal transition analysis [Page] Diana Ciubotariu, M.

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Nechifor: Involvement of imidazoline system in drug addiction [Page: ] Ramona Mircea, E. Anton: Noninvasive laser therapy for outpatients with chronic inflammatory disorders of cervix [Page: ] Raluca Danulescu, D.

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