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Eugen Carasevici Prof. Dan Coliță Prof. Mircea Cucuianu Assoc. Irina Codiță Prof. Dan Coriu Prof. Anca Cristea Prof. Minodora Dobreanu Prof. Olga Dorobăț Prof.

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Maria Greabu Papillary thyroid cancer life insurance. Maurizio Ferrari, Prof.

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Eugen Carasevici R1. A new papillary thyroid cancer life insurance in Laboratory Medicine. Personalized medicine, which simply means selection of treatment best suited for an individual, involves integration and translation of several new technologies in clinical care of patients.

The scope is much broader than indicated papillary thyroid cancer life insurance the term genomic medicine because many non-genomic factors are taken into consideration in developing personalized papillary thyroid cancer life insurance. The wide and public availability of the human genome sequence and the other tools spawned by the Human Genome Project have helped to create an unparalleled era of biomedical discovery.

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Since the completion of the mapping of the human genome, we have seen whole new areas of research evolve such as genomics, proteomics, and metabalomics. Advances in DNA analysis to develop methods, which are increasingly specific, sensitive, fast, simple, automatable, and cost-effective, are considered paramount. These demands are currently driving the rapid evolution of a diverse range of papillary thyroid cancer life insurance technologies. Although the potential diagnostic applications are unlimited, most important current applications are foreseen in the areas of biomarker research, cancer diagnosis and detection of infectious microorganisms.

There has been an explosion in the number of validated markers but relatively little independent analysis of the validity of the tests used to identify them in biologic specimens.

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The success of personalized medicine depends on having accurate diagnostic tests that identify patients who can benefit from targeted therapies. Another important step will be expanding efforts to develop tissue banks containing specimens along with information linking them to clinical outcomes. In this arena Laboratory Medicine should play a major role. Axl receptor tyrosine kinase is a marker of epithelial—mesenchymal transition and mediates tumor invasion in breast cancer Crina E.

Regional Institute of Oncology, Iasi The Axl receptor tyrosine kinase and its major ligand, Gas6 are over expressed in many human cancers, including breast, and associated with poor prognosis, promotion of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition EMT invasive phenotype, and drug resistance.

AKT kinases, represented by three related isoforms Akt1, Akt2 and Akt3, supply important roles in many cellular processes and are associated with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurological diseases when deregulated. We have previously showed that the presence of the receptor tyrosine kinase Axl in primary breast cancers independently papillary thyroid cancer life insurance strongly reduced overall patient survival, while corresponding patient metastatic papillary thyroid cancer life insurance demonstrate enhanced Axl expression.


Axl is also associated with EMT within intra ductal proliferative tumor cells that establish an autocrine signaling loop with its ligand Gas6. Axl immunohistochemistry IHC staining has been performed on paraffin embedded sections of human primary breast tumors.

Whole slide digital examination and region of interest ROI analysis proved to be a valuable tool in scoring Axl expression and disclosing its marker value for the EMT process.

Our study reveals variability of Axl expression inside the tumour, and highlights the propensity of invasive front to associate an active process of epithelial to mesenchymal transition.


Our data confirmed that Axl, AKT3 and Vimentin are very highly expressed in invasive tumor spots versus non invasive regions and indicates Axl as an EMT marker of dissemination suggesting, at the same time, that these attribute could be converted into an attractive target for therapeutic development. Receptorul tirozin kinazic Axl este un marker al tranziţiei epitelialmezenchimale şi mediază invazia tumorală în cancerul mamar Crina Elena Tiron1, Alina Papillary thyroid cancer life insurance, Anca-Raluca Vrânceanu2, Eugen Carasevici1,2 1.

Universitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie Gr. Institutul Regional de Oncologie, Iaşi Receptorul tirozin kinazic Axl şi ligandul papillary thyroid cancer life insurance major Gas6 sunt supraexprimate în numeroase cancere umane, inclusiv cancerul mamar, asociate cu un prognostic nefavorabil, promovând un fenotip de tranziţie epitelial-mezenchimală EMT şi invaziv ce predispune la instalarea rezistenţei la tratament.

papillary thyroid cancer life insurance

Kinazele AKT reprezentate de trei izoforme înrudite Papillary thyroid cancer life insurance, Akt2, Akt3, îndeplinesc roluri importante în numeroase procese celulare şi sunt asociate în condiţii de dereglare cu cancerul, diabetul, bolile cardiovasculare şi neurologice. S-a arătat iniţial că prezenţa receptorului tirozin kinazic Axl în tumorile maligne mamare primare este un factor de prognostic independent asociat cu reducerea supravieţuirii globale, leziunile metastatice ale pacientelor investigate prezintând intensificare a expresiei Axl.

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Marcarea imunohistochimică IHC a fost efectuată pe secţiunile incluse în parafină a tumorilor primare mamare. Examinarea digitală a întregii secţiuni, precum şi analiza regiunilor de interes ROI a reprezentat un instrument eficient în stabilirea scorului expresiei Axl şi evidenţierea valorii sale de marker pentru procesul EMT. Studiul nostru revelează variabilitatea expresiei Axl în tumora şi subliniază tendinţa papillary thyroid cancer life insurance de invazie tumoral de papillary thyroid cancer life insurance asocia un proces activ de tranziţie epitelial-mezenchimala.

Datele noastre confirmă faptul ca Axl, Akt3 şi Vimentina sunt înalt exprimate la nivelul papillary thyroid cancer life insurance tumorale invazive faţă de regiunile noninvazive şi recomandă Axl ca un marker EMT al diseminarii, sugerând în acelaşi timp posibila conversie papillary thyroid cancer life insurance atributelor sale intr-o dezvoltare terapeutică.

The recent advances in the genomic field and the development of new technologies for DNA testing started the revolution of the diagnostic laboratory.

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For the diagnosis DNA-based diagnostics provide a sensitive alternative to protein-based diagnostics and the mutation detection is one of the most important areas of molecular diagnostics today and can be papillary thyroid cancer life insurance into two categories:, a diagnostic mode, where specific tests are designed to detect known mutations and a scanning mode, where a stretch of DNA is searched for unknown mutations.

For the future of genomics is demanding the rapid evolution of miniaturization nanotechnogy and high-throughput genotyping technologies next generation sequencing toward increased speed and reduced cost.

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The speed, accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of DNA sequencing have been improving continuously since the initial derivation of the technique in the mids.

With the advent of massively parallel sequencing technologies, DNA sequencing costs have been dramatically reduced. The recent introduction of instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads in a single run is rapidly changing the landscape of genetics, providing the ability to answer questions with heretofore unimaginable speed.

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Minodora Dobreanu, Assoc. Ioana Brudașcă P1. The time of intervention is important to reverse the modifications. The aim of this study is to do a comparison for the liver, kidney and pancreas lipid peroxidation level in papillary thyroid cancer life insurance Wistar female mice groups with the same age, but divided according to the obesity duration: since childhood or adulthood.

The lipid peroxidation level in liver, kidney and pancreas was measured by spectrophotometry in both groups as malonyldialdehyde MDA.

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Histopathological aspects of the organs was analyzed. In group one, the liver and kidney had higher weights than in group 2. The worst histopathological aspects of the organs: inflammation, edema, vacuolated cytoplasm was observed in group1.