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Actualizare intraductal papilloma differentials ediţia Annals of Oncology ; Vol 20, Suppliment 4. Incidenţa creşte din cauza introducerii screening-ului prin mamografie şi creşterii speranţei de viaţă a populaţiei. Rata mortalităţii a scăzut, mai ales în subgrupul pacientelor tinere, datorită depistării precoce şi îmbunătăţirii opţiunilor terapeutice. Cu toate acestea, la femeile europene cancerul mamar este încă principala cauză de mortalitate prin cancer.

Chirurgia Bucur ; 6 :Nov-Dec. When medical treatment fails, the surgical procedure is the treatment of choice.

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There are two main surgical procedures: subdermal mastectomy and liposuction. AIM: To evaluate the results after surgical treatment mastectomy intraductal papilloma differentials in a general surgery unit. The clinical, imaging, biological, intraoperative and histological data were included into a MS Access database and statistical analyzed.

Only The mean age was Mean body mass was We also noted that Simon classification was used for preoperative staging: 2. Mastodynia was noted in 46 cases Ultrasound exam was performed in all the cases, and the larger diameter of the nodule measured was 3.

intraductal papilloma differentials

Only three cases were preoperatively treated with tamoxifen. Most of the cases were operated using general anesthesia Mastectomy was performed by peri-areolar The epi-pectoral vacuum drainage has been used in The postoperative morbidity rate was No specific risk factors for postoperative complications were found intraductal papilloma differentials univariate and multivariate statistical analysis.

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The pathological exam revealed pseudo-gynecomastia in 6 cases; the intraductal papilloma differentials cases presented dilated ducts. We also noted intraductal papilloma differentials papillary hyperplasia in 87 cases and chronic inflammation in 35 cases.

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The histological exam also revealed intraductal papilloma cases, fibro-adenoma case, papillary ductal carcinoma case and mucinous carcinoma case. From all these data, the etiological diagnosis in presented series was: pseudo-gynecomastia The postoperative hospital stay was 4.

intraductal papilloma differentials

A literature review has also been performed. Gynecomastia it is possible to be associated with a breast cancer, even in younger people.

Intraductal papilloma differentials surgical treatment, especially intraductal papilloma differentials type of incision, will be chosen from point of view of Simon stages.

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Liposuction can be associated in selected cases.