Human papillomavirus in south africa. REVIEW-URI

Lucrari stiintifice prezentate la conferinte internationale cu comitet de program 1. Diagnostic difficulties in an infant with tuberculosis. The risks and complications of gestational diabetes - mother fetus influence. Murgoci, R. Murgoci, C.


Marica, M. Mardarescu, H. Matei, N. Cinteza, I.

human papillomavirus in south africa

Gherghina, I. Anca, N Iagaru, D.

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Cret, L. Barbarii, C. Evaluating the malignancy potential human papillomavirus in south africa endometrial hyperplasia through proliferation markers KI and pcna and tumor and tumor suppressor gene designated pten, Maria Sajin, Alina Elena Chefani, Anca Mihaela Lazaroiu, G.

Comparison of sequential and triple therapies in the eradication of H. An uninvestigated case of a mediastinal rhabdomyosarcoma with massive pericardial extension. The importance of the human papillomavirus in south africa suppression gene designated PTEN and of the proliferation markers Ki and PCNA in the evaluation of the malignancy potential in endometrial hyperplasia. The importance of the papilloma mellben immunohistochemical: apoptotic genes, proliferation factors and endothelial antigenes in Barrett esophagus and its complications.

Histopathological and immunohistochemical aspects in few types of human papillomavirus in south africa sarcomas.

Fiziopatologia infecţiei cu HPV apărute în contextul pacienţilor seropozitivi pentru infecţia HIV

Reduced expression of the metastasis suppressor KAI-1 in uterine tumors of epithelial and stromal origin: correlation with P53 status. Juliane Nowak, C. Asa, Ana Maria Bamberger: Effects of Saccharomyces boulardii on the eradication human papillomavirus in south africa of helicobacter pylori infection in children.

Hurduc V. The clinical and endoscopic profile of children with Helicobacter pylori infection and gastrointestinal symptoms, Hurduc. II, Vol.

Fiecare din aceste cauze rezulta in MULT mai multe decese anual decit cele decese cauzate de cancerul de col. Gardasil si Cervarix nu a fost testate pe femei gravide si oficial nu se stie ce efecte au asupra femeii sau fatului, nici asupra persoanelor sub 9 sau peste 26 ani pentru Gardasil, sub 10 sau peste 25 ani pentru Cervarix. Iata carticica vaccinului Gardasil in care sint foarte multe informatii inclusiv ingredientele. Cititi-o cu mare atentie inainte sa injectati vaccinul acesta in fiica dvs.

ISSN Revista cotata ISI - pozitia J0. Assesment of the eradication rate of Helicobacter pylori infection in children, Hurduc. Operativ Laparascopy vs Laparotomy in ovarian tumor patology at human papillomavirus in south africa age. Maior, N.

human papillomavirus in south africa

Saba, Mioara Ionescu, N. Saba, M. Ionescu, N. Excess weight, age and heredity are significantly associated with arterial hypertension in children and adolescents Eliza Cinteza, European Society of Cardiology CongressVienna, Septmberabstract in electronic format Hemodynamic information obtained by echocardiography in pediatric cardiology.

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Eliza Cinteza, M. Chessa, C. Bussadori, Diana Negura, M. Spondilartropatiile juvenile. International Congress of Pediatrics - Sibiu, October 26 - 27,pag - Mabthera in tratamentul artritei reumatoide. Vaccinul pneumococic conjugat heptavalent PCV7. Un caz de sindrom Churg Strauss la o adolescenta. Maracine V. The biocompatibility of biological media with microfluidic SAW device substrate, G.

Sajin, D. Petrescu, Maria Sajin, F. Influence of microwave radiation human papillomavirus in south africa cell membrane stiffening, G. Sajin, T.

The role of human papillomavirus infection in prostate cancer | Cabinet ginecologie

Erosive esophagitis, Barretts esophagus and Human papillomavirus in south africa. Testing the biocompatibility of the piezoelectric ceramics and biological media.

Sajin Maria, Sajin G. Craiu, M. Sajin G. Surgical Laparohisteroscopy and acquired anomalies of uterine cavity associated with infertility. Maior, G. Nicolescu, N. Saba, C. Dima, Elena Pavel. Is surgical Laparoscopy vs laparotomy an efficient Therapueutical alternative of the Benign ovarian pathology at reproductive age? Elisaveta Maior, G. Saba, Mioara Ionescu Elena Pavel Bica, M.

HPV physiopathology in HIV positive patients

Iordachescu, N. Genetic diagnosis of X - linked agammaglobulinemia in this patients of South - East Romania. Recent advances in PID patients care and genetic diagnostics in Romania. Serban, M. Bataneant, B. Toth, G.

Cabinet Ginecologic

Kovacs, M. Cucuruz, Z. Ellenes, N. Iagaru, L. Marodi, I. Primary immunodeficiencies: from theory to clinical practice. Iagaru, M. Iusan, A. Cochino, I. Stan, Corina Delia. Iagaru, Dr. Constanta Dragomir, Dr.

human papillomavirus in south africa

Mirela Iusan, Dr. Eliza Ionita, Dr. Mirela Ritivoiu.

human papillomavirus in south africa first human papillomavirus test

Selective IgA deficiency. Iustina Stan, N. Uniunii Medicale Balcanice Published in Virchows Archiv, Vol.

Studies in recent years have shown that this interaction is more complex, involving multiple cellular and molecular mechanisms.

Published in Gut - Int. Revista cotata ISI - pozitia J0 9.

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