Hpv warts in throat pictures

Trigger Point Injections Trigger Point Injections can be effective in relieving pain in specific areas of the back, neck, or abdomen.

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A trigger point injection is hpv warts in throat pictures to numb the area, relax the muscle, and decrease any inflammation that may be present. It may also decrease or end the sensation of pain.

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A needle is used to deliver a combination of medicines. The first is a numbing medication to stop the pain, and it will usually cause the pain to go away for a few hours.

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The second medication is a steroid medication like cortisone that starts to decrease inflammation after 24 hpv warts in throat pictures 48 hours. The trigger point injection can be painful, but the pain is usually short lasting.

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There is usually some numbness for a few hours after the injection. You may need to have the injection repeated at prescribed intervals to achieve long-term pain relief.

hpv warts in throat pictures

If the pain has not improved after 2 to 3 injections, further injections are unlikely to improve the pain. Trigger point injections can be used in conjunction with other treatments like exercise or medication to help reduce your pain.

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