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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila met for the first time with foreign investors on the Ulmi industrial platform, where the largest home appliance factory in south-east Europe is being built.

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Ms Dancila hpv vaccine italy she wants to know personally the problems that foreign investors have and, in the future, together with her ministers, to make Romania an attractive place for investments. The vaccine protects against 7 HPV strains involved in the production of several types of genital cancer.

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The vaccine will be available in Romania starting next month. We are ranked first among the countries in the European Union in terms of cervical cancer mortality rate and it is the only state that does not provide yet funding for HPV vaccination. Every year, about 4, women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in our country and almost half of hpv vaccine italy lose their fight with this disease.

hpv vaccine italy

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Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bucharest warns that Bulgaria is hpv vaccine italy by heavy snowfall and rainfall and also wind intensifications. The Ministry hpv vaccine italy that a travel alert has been issued for Bosnia and Herzegovina, where restrictions have been imposed on several major roads. In southern Italy and central Croatia code orange and red for strong winds were issued.

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