Hpv in italy

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Hpv in italy publicării: Cham, Switzerland Cuprins Preface. An overview. Clinical features and control. Pallidum infections.

hpv in italy

Hpv in italy has vast expertise  in the management of patients with or at-risk for STIs. He began his clinical and research activity at the San Gallicano Dermatologic Institute in He is the author of more than scientific articles in indexed journals, most of them in the field of STIs and of dermatological diseases.

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Massimo Giuliani is a behavioral scientist and an epidemiologist with expertise in the epidemiology, prevention, and control of STIs and HIV infection. Textul de pe ultima copertă This comprehensive, well-illustrated, and easily accessible book documents the latest research outcomes concerning sexually transmitted infections STIs and describes important advances in their prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

The changes in the epidemiology and clinical aspects of STIs that have occurred over the past decade are fully explored, with special attention to core groups and patients with immunological disorders.

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The emerging challenges associated with particular sexually transmitted pathogens, including C. Readers will find detailed information on modern preventive strategies, new laboratory and diagnostic techniques, and a range of innovative treatments, including vaccines, continuous antiretroviral therapy, and new drugs against hepatitis viruses.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) - Early Vaccination

Attention is also drawn to new directions in biomedical research that promise clinical benefits for the patients and hpv in italy. The combination of a detailed clinical and research approach, with emphasis on new knowledge and innovative aspects, ensures that the book will be of value to a wide readership comprising both clinicians and researchers. Caracteristici Presents state of the art knowledge on STIs, covering epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, clinical aspects, and treatment Considers each Hpv in italy using a hpv in italy clinical and research approach Includes photos of hpv in italy clinical presentations Details new diagnostic approaches and treatment strategies.

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