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Ralph W. Titled "Useless Poisonous Cure" Giftkur ohne Nutzenit discusses among other things the manipulation of reports on the results hodgkin cancer curable chemotherapeutic drugs. Moss, Ph. On average, over one million copies are sold every week, making it the German equivalent of Time or Newsweek [with the major distinction that Der Spiegel has always been a left-leaning magazine].

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The article, highly critical of chemotherapy, created quite a stir. Der Spiegel, which has a history of being iconoclastic, has criticized the cancer establishment before.

In the early s it gave ample coverage to a critical report from Heidelberg epidemiologist Ulrich Abel, PhD, showing that chemotherapy was ineffective in hodgkin cancer curable treatment of advanced carcinomas.

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It was Abel's book that first inspired me to write Questioning Chemotherapy. The latest article shows that for patients in the advanced stages of the major forms of cancer, chemotherapy has no appreciable effect on survival.


This hodgkin cancer curable come as no surprise to long-time readers of this newsletter. But the Spiegel article comes at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is already reeling from revelations of price gouging and the suppression of research data that indicated life- threatening side effects from some of its best-selling drugs.

The tomographic evaluation revealed a large mass in the mediastinum and numerous pulmonary nodules. Two months later, he was admitted for cough and hodgkin cancer curable the X-ray evaluation revealed new pulmonary mass in right lung lobe, and a new biop­sy confirmed the disease relapse. Chemotherapy was re­ini­tia­ted with one course of DHAP followed by five courses of brentuximab. We initiated another chemotherapy protocol with six cour­ses of GVD, but with no response at the tomographic re­eva­lua­tion.

It follows a similarly hard-hitting exposé last spring in the American news magazine, Fortune. Perhaps such widely circulated articles will lead to a public outcry or at least to a changed perception of the hodgkin cancer curable of chemotherapy—a treatment method that normally goes unquestioned in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, Der Spiegel's website provides no English translation of the article.

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I have therefore summarized the contents for English-speaking readers. The article reads as follows: Increasingly sophisticated and expensive cellular poisons are being given to seriously ill patients with colon, breast, lung and prostate hodgkin cancer curable. Now an epidemiologist has analyzed the actual rate of life extension in such patients.

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His findings are that despite all the alleged progress, patients do not actually live a day longer. Her doctors removed a malignant tumor from her colon and also removed her spleen. At the beginning of August, however, they discovered hodgkin cancer curable her tumor had metastasized spread.

On Tuesday of the past week the year-old homemaker began her first round of hodgkin cancer curable.

Povestea unuia dintre primii pacienţi care au încercat această terapie Limfomul non-Hodgkin, tratat cu celule stem.

But I hope hodgkin cancer curable I will become better. At the Clinical Center of the University of Munich one scientist does not share her optimism. Epidemiologist Dieter Hoelzel, 62, says that "as far as survival with metastatic cancer of the colon, breast, lung and prostate goes, there has been no progress in the past 25 years.

Chemotherapy: "Useless Poisonous Cure"?

These are people suffering from the advanced stages of one of the four major internal cancers, which annually hodgkin cancer curable aboutvictims in Germany alone. These tumors are the big killers. If a tumor has metastasized, and can no longer be reached by surgery or X rays, then chemotherapy is considered hodgkin cancer curable treatment of last resort. For decades, a series of new cellular poisons have been used.

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Often drug manufacturers have also demanded astronomically high prices. In exchange, they promise a longer life.

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The manufacturer of a competing product recruits patients using the slogan "Taxol give yourself a future! Erika Meyer's physician in Recklinghausen speaks with confidence.

Chemotherapy has clearly improved over the past 20 years, hodgkin cancer curable conventional oncologist Friedrich Overkamp, MD, However, the latest figures from the cancer registry of the University of Munich do not confirm that view. Survival rates have not improved over the past decades.

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Today's patients die just as fast of their cancer as their fellow sufferers did hodgkin cancer curable years ago. While the statistical curve for colon cancer shows a slight improvement, the survival rate for breast cancer actually fell over the course of the years.

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These fluctuations probably mean nothing, said Dr. Hoelzel, except the accidental ups-and-downs of statistics without any real significance.

Un caz complex de limfom Hodgkin clasic recidivat refractar – scleroză nodulară

However, he fears that the systematic expansion of chemotherapy for cancer of the breast could be responsible for the decline of the survival rate. These statements from the Munich epidemiologist explicitly do not apply to the chemotherapy of Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia, sarcoma, and testicular hodgkin cancer curable.

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These diseases can be cured in some cases in an almost spectacular way. Hoelzel's verdict que es el papiloma juvenil does not apply to chemotherapy that is used to shrink tumors before surgical hodgkin cancer curable neoadjuvant chemotherapy, ed. But experienced clinicians agree that the balance hodgkin cancer curable against chemotherapy when it comes to treating solid tumors in advanced stages.

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Hodgkin cancer curable Schaller, MD, 52, a gynecologist at the University of Bochum, states: "For the survival of women with advanced breast cancer, chemotherapy previously brought them practically no benefit - a lot of noise about nothing.