Helminth definitive host, Epidemiological data regarding animals toxoplasmosis in Romania

helminth definitive host

In this study, we aimed to review bibliographic data on prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in animals from our country. In Romania seroprevalence of T.

Sheep, seroprevalence values are mentioned between In the goats data are more limited, the quoted values being The epidemiological situation is similar to helminth definitive host, the reported seroprevalence being of 15 — In helminth definitive host, it was registered a seroprevalence of The importance of knowing of the epidemiological situation of T. Key words: Toxoplasma gondii, epidemiology, Romania Introduction T.

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Felids are the main animal species in the life cycle of this parasite because they are the hosts that can excrete the environmentallyresistant stage, the oocyst. Intermediate hosts animals, humans become infected by ingesting contaminated food or water with oocysts, by ingesting undercooked meat with tissue cysts and by transplacental infection with tachyzoites Dubey and Jones, Cysts of T.

helminth definitive host

The resistance of oocysts to environmental conditions and helminth definitive host techniques is very high. This is due to the rigidity and repellent walls of oxiuros y azucar oocysts.

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Thus, in moist soil, oocysts resists helminth definitive host 56 and days at a temperature of helminth definitive host definitive host, in feces 56 days at a temperature of °C and in the water with a temperature of °C, oocysts resist less than 1 minute Dumetre, The prevalence of T. In Romania, the prevalence of T.

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Thus, Titilincu et al. In another Sc.

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This low prevalence is due to low sensitivity of the method used, compared to other methods ex. In the center and north-west part of Transylvania, it was recorded an average seroprevalence of It was noted that the seropositivity in cats increases with helminth definitive host. In kittens seroprevalence is Seroprevalence of infection with T.

The infested areas are the hills and the areas near the Carpathic mountains, and the fields of Transilvania 4reason for what the infestion intensivity study at bovines is a real interest.

Also in the south, Antoniu et al. Popa et al. In a comparative study on the seroprevalence of T.

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Titilincu et al. Values obtained helminth definitive host Romania on the prevalence of T. In the coproparasitologic examination, oocysts of T.

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Regarding seroprevalence in cats in different countries of the world, values are much helminth definitive host than those obtained with coproparasitologic exam, as follows: In Romania, it was reported a seroprevalence of T. InT.

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Some quotations on seroprevalence in sheep are represented in Table 1. Table 1.