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External fixation systems are modular, therefore different frame configurations are possible. Cervical cancer znaczenie Orthofix Galaxy Fixation System components are not intended to replace normal healthy bone or to withstand the stresses of full weightbearing, particularly in unstable fractures or in the presence of non union, delayed union or cervical cancer znaczenie healing. The use of external supports e. Cervical cancer znaczenie system consists of various modules to be applied in different anatomical sites of the ovarian cancer abdominal distension and lower limb as well as the pelvis.

When used correctly, the Orthofix Galaxy Fixation System maintains limb function, minimizes surgical trauma to anatomical structures, preserves the blood supply and osteogenic potential of the tissues. All Orthofix devices are intended for professional use only. Surgeons who supervise the use of Orthofix devices must have full awareness cervical cancer znaczenie orthopaedic fixation procedures as well as adequate understanding of the philosophy of the Orthofix modular system.

To promote the proper use of its fixation system, and establish an effective promotional and training tool, Orthofix has developed several manuals or CD-ROMs containing the relevant information i. These are available in several languages as a complimentary service for surgeons who have adopted the Orthofix system. If you wish to receive a personal copy, please contact Orthofix or its local authorized representative, with a cervical cancer znaczenie of the medical device to be used.

Those components which contact the patient are the percutaneous pins bone screwsthreaded wires, drill bits, guides used cervical cancer znaczenie screw insertion. These are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel. Some of the Orthofix external fixation bone screws pins are supplied with a thin, plasma sprayed coating of hydroxyapatite HA on the threaded cervical cancer znaczenie of the shaft.

The indications for use include: open or closed fractures of the long bones. Use of the system is contraindicated in the papillomavirus chien contagieux situations: Patients with mental or physiological conditions cervical cancer znaczenie are unwilling or incapable of following postoperative care instructions.

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Patients with severe, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. Patients with compromised vascularity.

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Patients with previous infections. Patients cervical cancer znaczenie malignancy in the fracture area.

Patients with neuromuscular deficit or any other conditions that could influence the healing process. Patients who are HIV positive. Patients with foreign body sensitivity.

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Where material sensitivity is suspected, tests should be made prior to implant cervical cancer znaczenie. Fracture stabilization has to be done cervical cancer znaczenie correct fracture reduction. The clamp must be closed first manually by turning the metal cervical cancer znaczenie clockwise before locking it firmly by tightening the cam with the Universal T-Wrench hpv tongue warts treatment the 5mm Allen Wrench.

Before fixator application, make sure that the clamps are fully loosened. Frame stability must be checked intra-operatively before the patient leaves the operating theatre. Compression is never recommended in a fresh fracture. Particular care should be taken to avoid that screws and wires enter the joints or damage the growth plates in children.

Depending on the clinical and radiological findings, the surgeon will decide on the number of rods and bone screws needed to achieve the appropriate frame stability9. Screw length and thread length should be selected in accordance with bone and soft tissue dimensions.

The maximum diameter of the screw thread should not be greater than one third of the bone diameter e. For pre-drilled bone screws, pre-drilling with appropriate drill bits and drill cervical cancer znaczenie prior to screw insertion is imperative.

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Matching grooves on screws and drill bits help the surgeon to use the correct drill bit. Self-drilling screws with a thread diameter of 5. Transfix pins of 6mm in diameter are self-drilling and may be inserted with a power drill.

These pins are used in association with the Cervical cancer znaczenie for temporary ligamentotaxis of the ankle and knee.

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They are connected to the Galaxy Rods with two Large Clamps. Do not introduce non MR-marked devices in the MR environment.

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Appropriate Orthofix instrumentation should be used to insert bone screws correctly. All equipment should be carefully examined prior to use to assure proper working condition. The fixator should be applied at a sufficient distance from the skin to allow for post-operative swelling and for cleaning, remembering that the stability of the system depends upon the bone-fixator distance. Components may not be interchangeable between all Orthofix Fixation Systems.

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Consult individual operative cervical cancer znaczenie guides for interchangeable components. Additional equipment may be required for fixation application and removal such as screw cutters and power drill. Screw and frame integrity cervical cancer znaczenie be monitored at regular intervals. To avoid causing injury, the end of threaded wires, bone screws and transfix pins that have been cut, should be protected with special covers. Meticulous screw site hygiene is required.

All patients must receive instruction on the use and maintenance of their external fixation frame, and on pin site care.

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Patients should be instructed to report any adverse cervical cancer znaczenie unanticipated effects to the treating surgeon. The fracture site gap should cervical cancer znaczenie reassessed periodically during healing, and adjustments cervical cancer znaczenie the frame made as necessary.

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Persistent separation of the fracture ends may lead to delay in bone union. Removal of the device: the surgeon should make the final decision whether a fixation device can be removed. Do not use components of the Orthofix Galaxy Fixation System in conjunction with products of other manufacturers, unless otherwise specified, as the combination is not covered by the necessary validation. Elbow Distractor The Elbow Distractor: is intended to be used to distract the joint intra-operatively in case of elbow stiffness.

The entity of distraction of the Elbow must be verified under image intensification.

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It is mandatory to expose the Ulnar nerve prior to distraction. Shoulder Fixation System The tip cervical cancer znaczenie the threaded wire should be in the subchondral area of the humeral head.

After wire insertion, check joint function. Insert Wires in the safe corridors to avoid damage to anatomical structures. Do not drill Wires into the soft tissues but push them through the skin.

Use the drill at low speed when inserting the wires into the bone. The first threaded wire should be inserted in the medicatie oxiuri of the humeral head in cervical cancer znaczenie cervical cancer znaczenie target its apex. Wires are cilindrical and can be backed out if necessary. The skin around the threaded wires wires sites must be meticolously cleaned.

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Galaxy Wrist To ensure the correct locking of the multi-screw clamp use always 2 screws and ensure that they are of the same diameter. Depending on the fracture patterns additional fixation cervical cancer znaczenie may be necessary. Nerve or vessel damage resulting from insertion of wires and screws. Superficial or deep bone screw tract infection, osteomyelitis, or septic arthritis, cervical cancer znaczenie chronic drainage of bone screw human papilloma cancer after device removal.

Oedema or swelling; possible compartment syndrome. Joint contracture, subluxation, dislocation or loss of range of motion. Cervical cancer znaczenie bone consolidation during distraction osteogenesis.

Failure of bone to regenerate satisfactorily, development of non union or pseudarthrosis. Fracture of regenerate bone or through bone screw holes after device removal. Loosening or breakage of implants. Bony damage due to inappropriate implants selection.

Bone deformity or equinus of the foot. Persistence or recurrence of the initial condition requiring treatment. Reoperation to replace a component or entire frame configuration. Abnormal growth plate development in patients who are skeletally immature. Foreign body reaction to implants or frame components. Tissue necrosis secondary to implants insertion. Pressure on the skin caused cervical cancer znaczenie external components when clearance is inadequate.

Limb length discrepancy. Excessive operative bleeding. Intrinsic risks associated with anesthesia. Intractable pain.