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Descriere Hereditary cancer risk assessment and referral cancer have genetic predisposition for clinicians.

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There is increasing public and patient awareness of the contribution of genetic risk to the development of cancer. It is therefore important that primary and secondary care clinicians have easy access to information about hereditary cancer conditions and evidence-based tools that will give them the confidence to refer patients to Clinical Genetics services.

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Cancer Genetics enables clinicians to decide which patients should be referred for genetic assessment of their cancer risk and which patients can be reassured and managed in primary or secondary care. It also provides clinicians with a framework of questions that can be used in their clinical approach when managing patients who are concerned about an inherited predisposition to cancer.

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Cancer Genetics thereby helps to ensure that patients have quicker access to cancer surveillance, genetic counselling, genetic testing, pharmaco-prevention and surgical options to reduce their risk of cancer. It is often difficult for busy clinicians to access up to date guidance or search cancer have genetic predisposition the relevant peer-reviewed cancer have genetic predisposition pertaining to a specific patient.

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Cancer Genetics provides readily accessible evidence-based cancer risk assessment tools, a succinct reference guide about specific hereditary cancer conditions and links to further information and cancer have genetic predisposition websites. Cancer Genetics provides streamlined risk assessment and referral guidance for clinicians managing patients concerned about their risk of hereditary cancer.

Risk assessment reports are generated based on anonymous information entered by the clinician and can then be saved, e-mailed or printed.

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Simple, reliable and time-saving.