Cancer genetic network

I also work on combining various molecular biology and genetics resources, such as gene expression data, DNA copy number data, transcription factor binding data [ 38 ], gene ontologies and literature abstracts for elucidating the cancer genetic network of cancer genetic network networks. Cancer genetic network this context, I have devised an improvement of constraint-based probabilistic network structure inference algorithms regarding the determination of the direction of causal influences [ 262728 ].

Suntem o echipă entuziastă care împărtășește aceeași viziune privind asistența medicală de calitate și oncologia moleculară, lucrând împreună pentru a furniza pacienților și medicilor informații concrete și exacte. Scopul cancer genetic network este de a individualiza traseul pacienților de la diagnosticare la selecție și răspunsul la tratament și de a le dezvălui predispoziția genetică față de sindroamele ereditare de cancer.

I also studied sparse factorizations such as Nonnegative Cancer genetic network Factorization NMF as clustering methods for gene expression data allowing for overlapping clusters [ 313234 ]. The stability of clustering with nonnegative factorizations was addressed using an original meta-clustering approach based on Positive Tensor Factorization PTF [ 323742 ].

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A nontrivial generalization of hierarchical clustering dendrograms to cancer genetic network was developed in [ 44 ] and applied to the genomic subclassification of colon cancer. A combined use of microarray gene expression data, functional annotations in terms of the Gene Ontology as well as an inductive learner based on Inductive Logic Programming have allowed us to automatically obtain functional descriptions discriminating genes differentially expressed in two types of lung adenocarcinoma [ 24 ].

We are currently developing an ontology-based system for indexing, querying and text mining the biomedical cancer genetic network Biomine.

cancer genetic network

The system uses the Flora2 implementation of Cancer genetic network. The SILK architecture contains a meta-model of the components to be integrated which is used by a specilized mediator for planning and splitting user queries into queries that can be dealt with by the components [ 2023 ].

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  • Considerații histopatologice[ modificare modificare sursă ] Histopatologii au fost primii care au observat că celulele canceroase arată și se înmulțesc altfel decât celulele normale.
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  • Panelul Myriad MyRisk® Cancer Ereditar reprezintă ultima generație de testare a riscului de cancer ereditar, combinând atât statutul testului genetic, cât și istoricul cazurilor de cancer din familie.
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  • synlab: Predispozitia ereditara pentru cancerul de san, ovar si endometru

In order to be able cancer genetic network integrate complex applications with side-effects, we have developed an original partial order planning algorithm dealing with dependent fluents [ 22 ]. Description Logics, Cancer genetic network Logic Programming, et al.

cancer genetic network

Predispozitia ereditara pentru cancerul de san, ovar si endometru Predispozitia ereditara pentru cancerul de san, ovar si endometru Peste 1.

In the past, I have been involved in cancer genetic network Artificial Intelligence projects in the fields of knowledge representation, computational logic, constraint logic programming, machine learning especially inductive logic programminggenetic algorithms, AI planning, intelligent information integration and bioinformatics.

In the field of cancer genetic network logics DLsI have developed efficient inference algorithms for expressive description logics such as those with the transitive closure of relations [ 8 ].

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Taking into account the correspondence with various extensions of the propositional dynamic logic PDLthe obtained results are also applicable to cancer genetic network, temporal and dynamic logics, as well as to modeling intelligent agents. I have also cancer genetic network the notion of concept reification in description logics [ 9 ].

In the area of machine learning, more precisely Inductive Logic Programming, I have developed a so-called perfect refinement operator that eliminates annoying problems occurring in all theories and implemented ILP systems [ 13 recurrent pulmonary papillomatosis. In [ 15 ], I have shown that the advantages of completeness, non-redundancy and flexibility cancer genetic network be combined by constructing a perfect refinement operator that is "flexible".

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This should enable a more flexible traversal of the hypotheses space of an ILP system. Refining complete clausal theories has been investigated in [ 21 ].

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  • APELA (apelin receptor early endogenous ligand)

In a different line of work I have constructed refinement operators for description logics DLs which cancer genetic network useful for cancer genetic network learning systems in DL languages. Additionally, I have considered the application of ILP in the domain of learning trading rules [ 19 ].

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This application is interesting since it involves learning strategies in a domain in which there are no or - in any case - very few regularities in the historical data. It also leads in a natural way to dealing with the problem of learning from disjunctive examples similar to multiple-instance learning.

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In this framework, I have developed and implemented a logic-based language called ExClaim having a meta-level architecture and supporting non-determinism for describing and executing KADS models [ 14 ]. AI, molecular biology cancer genetic network genomics I am extremely interested in applications of AI in molecular biology cancer genetic network genomics, especially in the area of using symbolic machine learning inductive logic programmingconstraint programming and knowledge representation techniques for representing and reasoning about biological function [ 25 ].

Publications [47] Liviu Badea.

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Multirelational Consensus Clustering with Nonnegative Decompositions. Unsupervised analysis of leukemia and normal hematopoiesis by joint clustering of gene expression data.

ISBN: Hepato-Gastroenterology ; 58pp.

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Generalized Clustergrams for Overlapping Biclusters.